Auto seeds - Trans siberian

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Trans Siberian is the epitome of a stealth plant that grows rapidly, is a dwarf in size, yet still brings out the big guns when it comes to inducing a hard hitting high. This autoflowering strain contains ruderalis, indica and sativa genetics.

Trans Siberian produces THC flowers that are encrusted with impressive quantities of resin and trichomes, giving them a frosty, white appearance. This amount of cannabinoids contributes to a psychedelic high that ignites a profound body buzz accompanied by a heavy stone.

The taste and smell of this cannabis variety is very skunky and pungent, and will make most smokers water at the mouth after opening up a grinder full of the flowers produced by Trans Siberian.

Trans Siberian appeals to a variety of growers when it comes to cultivating the strain. It is an amazing strain to consider for beginner growers as the tiny size makes it extremely manageable. Trans Siberian will also appeal to growers who are looking to grow in a discreet manner in their gardens, and especially those putting seeds in the ground in a guerrilla grow location. This strain can grow as small as 30 cm in height, and will rarely exceed 80 cms. sells cannabis seeds for souvenirs only, we accept no liability for customers purchasing them for any other purpose. We recommend you the customer inquire about legal regulations in regards to cannabis seeds before you purchase. We are not liable for any legal problems which may incur once we send them. The germination of Cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. sells cannabis seeds as collectables/souvenirs only.

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