If you’re interested in unique vaporizers, you can’t miss the Plenty. Made by Storz & Bickel, the creators of the renowned Volcano model, the Plenty is a wick-style desktop vaporizer with an offbeat design and an equally unique performance. Boasting hand-held functionality, fast heat-up time and a well-crafted chamber, this is one of the most impressive options on the market.

In characteristic Storz & Bickel style, this home-use vaporizer is expertly built using only high-grade materials and components. With multiple settings, the Plenty is easy to use and customise to your liking. While the design may seem like its most striking element, its true standout feature is the large, wide chamber which can fit enough dry herb for a big group session.

Vapour from the Plenty is as ‘plentiful’ as the name suggests, generating potent clouds and delicious flavour. The well-crafted heating unit smoothly draws air in through the device and evenly vaporizes the entire load. Despite its eye-catching look, the Plenty’s stainless steel coil isn’t just for show. As vapour is drawn towards the mouthpiece, the coil chills it down so it’s comfortable to inhale.